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We assist organizations in system selection, procurement, strategic visioning, and support planning for ERP solutions that align with their specific business needs

Program Management

We provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire ERP program lifecycle, helping clients develop effective strategies, business cases, and transformation plans


We help implement AI solutions that can enhance the user experience by personalizing interactions within the ERP solution, improving your employee satisfaction, and providing more personalized services to your clients

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Who We Are

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"Our mission is to empower organizations with transformative solutions that drive operational excellence, enhance decision-making, and fuel sustainable growth. Through our expertise, innovation, and collaborative approach, we aim to guide our clients in harnessing the full potential of technology to optimize processes, streamline workflows, and achieve their strategic objectives."

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Our Alliance

Our purpose is to leverage our collective expertise, resources, and experiences to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients. Collectively we offer a broad range of services including ERP system selection, program management, and advisory services.

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Lori Fiore,

Founder of Resource Advisory, LLC

Lori is a seasoned, solutions-oriented HR/Human Capital Management Consultant with over 25 years of proven leadership and exemplary consulting in the HR/HCM portfolio of technology and services for organizations of all sizes.

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Tony Velasquez,

President of Angelus Advisors

Tony is an executive professional with over 25 years of demonstrated client engagement experience. Specializing in management of complex client environmentswhile managing challenging ERP implementations, domestic/international consultants and vendor services, and technical troubleshooting services for medium sized to Fortune 500 companies.

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